Our Vision

At Gnosis we are passionate about performance, learning & development, and innovation. We are motivated to make a difference for the customers we serve, and for this reason, the following guiding principles drive our business interactions. We are driven to solve business challenges, attain ultimate performance results, and work with our customers to make a greater impact in their organizations and the world around them.

Our Mission

Gnosis Training and Consulting would provide the most comprehensive and custom-made training solutions.

For Corporate Clients

To give custom-made training solutions after detailed Training – Need – Analysis (TNA) that would boost the performance of their employees and give high return on their training investment.

For Institutions

Deliver knowledge and skills required for the student to enhance their employability and to effectively take on their corporate life.

For Participants

To make possible learning in such a way, that the participants would enjoy, learn and ultimately apply the knowledge they gained with enthusiasm and zeal in their work place and personal life.

For Training Associates

To build an environment that would tie together their skills, boost intellectual growth, explore creativity and self-fulfillment.

We recruit and retain top professionals committed to helping us execute our mission.