What we do ?

Our approach is very practical, and it works because it is custom-made to your organization. We start off with an identification of your organizations current state to identify the most critical aspects to change to attain the desired organizational outcomes, and work with your organization to only change what is not working. We will work with you to ensure that training objectives are aligned with your business goals and provide a proper measurement to ensure overall success.

Training Methodology

Gnosis’s training, design and delivery methodology support how adults learn. We believe that adult learning is most effective when presented in a relevant context so that the skills, strategy, and knowledge are meaningful to participants and can be applied directly in the training. Therefore, our design philosophy is to customize our core programs using our effective and efficient proprietary customizing process and tools. We incorporate participants’ real-world challenges, into developing cases/exercises.

We use a “learning by doing” training methodology to support behavioral change through highly interactive training. Using our customized cases and exercises, we ensure that participants apply the skills and strategies learned and receive intensive coaching and feedback. We utilize role plays, drills, in-the-action feedback, and other application techniques. We enhance learning by doing with some other teaching strategies, including small group discussion, drills, flip chart development to capture participant opinions and ideas, and PowerPoint slides.

One of the unique training methodologies we use is called “redirect.” This is a process in which the trainer stops the action and gives real-time feedback so participants are not only supported in the role play, but it also fosters behavior change by allowing participants to experience the impact of applying the new skills, models, and strategies as they increase their effectiveness.


Our strength clearly is in the development of customized performance improvement solutions. Whether it is the customization of our core content or the development of new solutions, our proprietary customization process ensures the solution supports your objectives and has greater impact on performance.

Every program we deliver is customized for your organization. Customization allows for a consistent methodology to be deployed across audiences while the application is completely relevant to their specific situations and challenging to the learner. It is our point of view that adults learn best through the application of skills, and the fastest and most effective learning occurs when practicing on real-time situations.

Customized solutions drive behavioral change. We leverage our customization process to ensure our solutions support your objectives and have maximum impact on improving performance

Stages in our Customization process include:

  • Initial Meeting/Project Kickoff
  • Development of Implementation Plan
  • Customizing Stages
    • Interviews with key stake-holders to understand requirement
    • Development and Presentation of Written Customizing Summary and Design Recommendations
    • Development of Customized Cases, Exercises, Drills, Customizing of Core Modules
    • Tailoring of the Modules in the Handbook and Pre-work (optional),
  • Trainer Preparation/Seamless Knowledge Transfer to Senior Training Consultants
  • Design Management Activities and Execution Plan — Conference Calls, Walk-throughs, Reviews, and Pre and Post Pilot Meetings

Training Modalities

We are flexible in meeting your training delivery needs through multiple delivery methods to meet your objectives, audience levels, and plans for roll-out. Each of the following delivery methods can be blended, standalone, or may complement one another to provide a highly effective, seamless training solution for all levels of your organization which provides a complete learning structure but also gives continual learning opportunities Our training delivery methods include:

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT)– Gnosis has fully customized instructor-led seminars that are interactive and produce a high-impact learning environment with intense coaching and feedback. Since these workshops are conducted by our senior trainers. In each seminar, participants are presented with relevant, “real-life” challenges and learn new methods and skills to meet these challenges and improve their performance.
  • Webinars– 60- to 90-minute webcasts that enable people to remotely attend a training session and are formatted to address particular topics and provide interaction with peers and the instructor. Webinars are both cost and time efficient in that participants can access webinars from their computers and do not require a substantial time commitment.

The participants are provided with Unlimited, anytime-access to all the subscribed courses, assessments, and interactive examples. Self-paced learning experience.

Personal status monitoring and assessments to challenge yourself.

The opportunity to repeat the courses as often as you like during your subscription period.

Access frequently asked questions to learn more.

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) – VILT combines the best of both worlds – a blended, continual training experience that avoids travel expenses and extended time from office. You and your company will work with the best training instructors, from the comfort and convenience of your office anywhere in the world.
  • Train-the-Trainer – Train-the-Trainer options to prepare your internal team to deliver quality training. Your team participates in customized, interactive sessions to learn the skills, processes, and methods needed to deliver programs and is provided with support tools and resources

Facilitation Expertise

Our trainers are recognized in the industry as exceptional facilitators and coaches. Using their training, and management experience, our trainers add value as trainers and coaches. In addition to delivering training, they are frequently engaged as coaches for real deal presentations. We develop our trainers through a series of biannual workshops, internal newsletters, and regular meetings for sharing best practices. All of our trainers are skilled at delivering all parts of our fully integrated curriculum.Our trainers are tenured and are experienced in training across industries and across levels.

Frequently, our trainers are asked by participants if they work for the organization for whom they are training because of their knowledge and the value they add during the training. We receive regular unsolicited praise about our trainers from our client liaisons and e-mails from participants who not only provide great compliments, but give examples of application and results.